How to Become a Tutor

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    Become a Tutor

    You've always had a penchant for education: you not only love and excel at learning, but you're also passionate about engaging and teaching others. This is how you know you're perfect for tutoring with Peer2utor.

    We're always looking for excellent new teachers to add to our growing database of tutors and students. Whatever your availability, whether you're a pro in one subject or five, we only require that our tutors have the knowledge, skills and passion to educate and enrich our students.

    In exchange, Peer2utor provides our tutors an excellent platform to share their knowledge with students of all ages and earn extra income.

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    What We Expect From Our Tutors

    The most important thing is always the full satisfaction of our customers. For Peer2utor, this means our students must learn, be engaged while they learn, and learn the specific skills they'll need to succeed on their state exams.

    We provide you and our students with full lists of the exam standards for every test. Our students can choose the skills from the list they need to practice, and you can choose the skills you'd like to teach.

    While we don't demand prior experience, we do require all of our tutors to be experts at the subjects they teach and passionate about forwarding our students' educational success. This means providing our students not only with answers, but with the knowledge and techniques that will lead them to succeed on their own in the future.

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    Why Become a Peer2utor Tutor?

    Competitive Pay Rates

    We value our students, and we value the tutors that draw and keep them here. In our mission to provide the highest-quality teaching for our students, we seek to attract the highest-quality tutors. Our pay reflects this, and will always be a sign of our appreciation and esteem for the passionate and knowledgeable tutors that bring us our success.

    At Peer2utor, the standard hourly rate is $15 as a Flat Rate Account. You can also choose a Bidding Account, which gives you the flexibility of setting your own hourly rate. Unlike other online tutoring services, we also offer group lessons, which allow you to earn more per hour by teaching 2-5 students together.

    Complete Flexibility

    With Peer2utor, you can work out of the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

    We offer a variety of options for our tutors: you can choose to respond to individual sessions requests, teach group lessons, host your own regular online class, or any combination of the three.

    There are no minimum hourly commitments to work with Peer2utor—you can schedule as many or as few sessions as you'd like. We only require you to be reliable by being available for your scheduled sessions and always communicating any cancellations in advance. With this much flexibility, Peer2utor is perfect for balancing with your other commitments, whether work, school or family.

    Steady Clientele

    Peer2utor gives you access to thousands of potential customers. Our students need tutoring for a wide variety of grades and subjects—from 3rd grade to 12th, from 3D Art to AP Macroeconomics—guaranteeing that any tutor can be matched with valuable clients through our system.

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    Flat Rate vs Bidding

    Flat Rate Account

    As a Flat Rate Account tutor, your rate will be fixed at $15/hr. You will be able to browse our board of student-requested tutoring sessions, and you will also receive a notification every time a student requests a tutoring session within your area of expertise and price range. As a Flat Rate Account tutor, you do not have to bid on jobs—if you see an open job that you are qualified and available for, simply click 'Confirm' and the job is yours.

    Bidding Account

    As a Bidding Account tutor, you are free to fix and change your rate to any amount you'd like. It can be $10/hr or $40/hr—whatever you think will work best for you. You will be able to browse our board of student-requested tutoring sessions, and you will also receive a notification every time a student requests a tutoring session within your area of expertise and price range. As a Bidding Account tutor, you will have to bid on jobs, which is a simple process of submitting your profile to an open session request. The student will then select one of the bidders based on their profile and price.

    Any tutor can host individual and group sessions or schedule an online class.

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    The Application Process

    Step 1

    Submit your application, including your resume and the subjects you'd like to teach, with our quick and simple online system.

    Step 2

    If you look like a good fit, Peer2utor will contact you for an approximately 30 minute phone interview. We'll talk about your areas of expertise and match you with the exam topics you're qualified to teach.

    At this step, all applicants must also undergo a background check.

    Step 3

    If you're accepted, we'll set up a live tutor training session, where we'll go over the fundamentals of tutoring for Peer2utor.

    Step 4

    Once you've completed the tutor training, you can start sharing your knowledge with students from around the United States!