The AP Chinese Language and Culture course and exam are an important step in a commitment by the College Board to further multiculturalism and multilingualism in secondary school education.

“Through the world language programs, the College Board hopes to make a significant contribution to secondary school curricula,” College Board President Gaston Caperton said. “World events make it ever more obvious that a broad knowledge and understanding of other languages and cultures is essential for our young people.”

Question Type and
Knowledge/Skills Assessed
Number of Questions and
% Weight of Final Score
Section I
Multiple Choice
70 questions
1 hour
30 minutes
Listening Rejoinders 10–15 questions 10% 10 minutes
(Response time:
5 seconds
per question)
  15–20 questions 15% 10 minutes
(Response time:
12 seconds
per question)
Reading Reading Selections 35–40 questions 25% 60 minutes
Writing Story Narration 1 question 15% 15 minutes
E-Mail Response 1 question 10% 15 minutes
Speaking Conversation 6 questions 10% 4 minutes
(Response time:
20 seconds
per question)
Cultural Presentation 1 question 15% 7 minutes
(Preparation time:
4 minutes
Response time:
2 minutes)